London Transport 101

London Transport. If you’re one of the unlucky population who has to travel by public transport everyday, trying to get to work/school unscathed is probably the most stressful part of your day. The underground network is busy, icky, and full of people who seem to do just about anything to start your day off wrong! If you are unfamiliar with London and the ordeals of getting anywhere, I’ll give you the top 5 of the things I find most annoying on my daily commute.

1. If the coach looks full it probably is, don’t be that person! When it says the next train is in 1 minute, it means it. 


2. Please, on a packed coach, do not spray half a bottle of perfume on yourself because you’re running late for a date or a meeting! Seriously. Also, if you are a bit ‘fragrant’, no-one wants your armpit in their face.  


2. Do you really need to make-out with your significant other an inch away from someones face, on the underground? Personally, I don’t want your warm breath touch my face. It’s just awkward.


3. It’s best not to make eye contact or touch other people. Again, do not touch other people! You make it awkward until one of us gets off the train! Also, Pole leaners, just no. 


4. If I can hear your music over my own, you might want to turn it down. People aren’t looking at you because you’re awesome. No. That’s a sea of judgement coming your way.


5. The was a queue before the train got here, when it arrives manners got out the window. You were there first, yet everyone got on and you have to wait for the next one. How did that even happen? 

what is happening

London Transport can be a headache. Most of the time you get off the tube, confused and beaten. But hey, at least you made it!

Thanks to and What annoys you about the transport system? 

Netflix & Popcorn

Since moving to London my diet has been bad. Busy and hectic days lead to generally eating bad stuff and not taking care of myself.

I’ve decided I’m going to change that and focus more on good food. So far so good today – Yoga & Orange, Raspberries and Greek Yoghurt for breakfast with Chili Con Carne with Beef and Vegetables for dinner.

So, you will probably end up seeing a lot of photos of my food in this blog in the coming weeks testing recipes and general yummyness!

London Living!

As some of you might know, I’ve recently moved to London. After surviving my first week in the Capital, ( I wrote this a while ago, but only just got around to posting it), there’s a lot of stuff that is unique to London, and I’ve learnt a lot in my last 7 days, such as: It’s perfectly acceptable to walk up/down escalators, in Nottingham they have signs telling you NOT to. Strange. Here are just a few of the things I’ve learnt!

It’s probably one of the only places I’ve been where it costs 50p for an apple, pretty much everything is a loat more expensive. I can get 2 for that price in good old’ Nottinghamshire.
You will hear and see the strangest of things, Just a few I’ve seen or heard in the past week:
1. ‘Ewwww, look, a rat!!!’. No, actually it was a squirrel.
2. ‘These hedges have wire supports. Do not run into hedges’. Obviously my first thought when I see a hedge is to run into it!
3. People having no shame about having very personal conversations on a crowded bus, I’ve heard a lot about STD’s and dating advice from my time commuting to work. I have also seen two Disney Princesses on my way to work this week.
4. People’s anger at having to wait 5 minutes for a tube or bus! (The outrage!). There’s only a bus every 15 minutes where I’m from, and that’s *if* the bus driver feels like showing up!

The tube, ah yes, the most joyous of transportation systems!

I’ll hopefully have more stuff to follow! Exploring London is my next step – any tips on places to go/things to see? Let me know!

Revenge … Or not really?

Season 3 finale of ‘Revenge’



I’ve only finally got round to watching all the season finales! I have to say Revenge has been one of the best! After recently being renewed for a fourth season, how could they possibly continue with Emily having the satisfaction of her victory? Well, she hasn’t not quite yet.


Emily/Amanda finally had her revenge and saw her father’s case re-opened and the verdict over-turned. Now, with Conrad rotting in prison for various crimes, and that of flight 197, Victoria can focus on her theory that Emily is Amanda Clarke – (in all fairness, it took her long enough.) After the help of her therapist (who commited Emily/Amanda and tried to turn her against her father and have her locked away),she murders Aiden. Emily then has Victoria committed to a mental institution with the help of the therapist.


Charlotte goes to Jack and wants to know why he was talking to Emily about her father’s ring, and realises that he may have been part of the kidnapping, and has the police come and take him away for questioning. Daniel is in trouble after having a few too many drinks with Gideon, and the biggest shocker of all — DAVID CLARKE IS ALIVE! He shows up and stabs Conrad, and then disappears. How will Emily feel after all her of plans of Revenge turned out to be more like ‘Oops, he’s actually alive and has been hiding away?’ How do you guys feel about the ending?


With the murder of two key characters this season, some more backstories and other routes of revenge will surely be in store for the return of season 4.



Pink Blur Cherry Blossoms

FINALLY! Spring is here, it’s been really cold lately.

The past few days we’ve had loads of sunshine & everything has suddenly burst into life! :)

These two are just my favourites from today! :) I hope everyone has been enjoying the sunshine and making the most of it. Oh, and Happy St. George’s Day!

Originals –

Please let me know what you think! :)

London! <3

Sorry for the silence, I’ve been in London over the weekend for some awesome stuff! (I can’t say what it is just yet, but I can later in the year, sucks, but yeah) I would go to London when there’s some lethal smog everywhere. I didn’t want to take my camera incase there was some stuff that got inside the camera and lens.

First time travelling quite so far on my own, and using the tube – I didn’t get lost on the tube so that’s a plus, but thank goodness for GPS on my phone or I would have never found my hotel! It was an awesome experience.

I also randonly found this song I love!I’m pretty sure it was in a movie I’ve watched, but can’t remember!

So yay! Amazing weekend all in all!