London! <3

Sorry for the silence, I’ve been in London over the weekend for some awesome stuff! (I can’t say what it is just yet, but I can later in the year, sucks, but yeah) I would go to London when there’s some lethal smog everywhere. I didn’t want to take my camera incase there was some stuff that got inside the camera and lens.

First time travelling quite so far on my own, and using the tube – I didn’t get lost on the tube so that’s a plus, but thank goodness for GPS on my phone or I would have never found my hotel! It was an awesome experience.

I also randonly found this song I love!I’m pretty sure it was in a movie I’ve watched, but can’t remember!

So yay! Amazing weekend all in all!




The end of the Blogilates 12 week body makeover is this week! Can’t believe how fast that went by. I’m feeling better, stronger, fitter, healthy and more energized!

A good way to end the month, and my birthday soon! Yay! Time for Sons of Anarchy!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

In my own world …

I’ve been in my own world of epic television! Did anyone else watch the Game of Thrones last season re-cap? :D So excited about the new season! :D

Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead (Yep, I know, I’m late watching this series too), Supernatural, and even re-watching some more Dexter!

Birthday in 2 weeks too eeek. 12 Week body make over is nearly at an end and I feel great! – More about that when I’ve done. :D

Selfies, Healthies, What?

I’ve seen a lot of people getting flack about ‘selfies’, you know the ones I’m talking about. The I’m-A-Duck pouting ones, sometimes half naked in the gym/home/workout place. This might annoy people, but I think it’s okay to do them – so long as they’re done in the right way. Lately, a lot of people have been doing their exercise for new years resolutions and lent. I keep seeing so many sweaty pics, and people who are semi-naked on my facebook, these ones, do I need to see it at breakfast time? No, not really. Also, don’t have other people in the background who are semi-naked coming out of the shower at the gym (Yes, I’ve seen lots of these, they aren’t ‘selfies’ if you’re taking photos with other people in them!) Are you trying to prove you’ve done your workout? Is it motivating to you? Especially with the tag of #Flex, #Hot #Sexy. Do you really need to attach those hash-tags to your photos post workout?

While reading online I came acrosss an article on Shape Magazine:


There’s also the famous photograph of the mother of 3 children and underneath ‘What’s your excuse?’. A lot of people took this really negatively, and started calling this woman a ‘fat shamer’. It seems that these ‘healthies/selfies’ are only to an exclusive group of people. I have yet to see someone who is overweight or not super, super fit post a post-workout selfie. I’m not saying that there aren’t any, but I haven’t seen any yet!

Fitness and getting healthy isn’t just got fit people. It’s for everyone! The idea of the these selfies are seen as a negative for people who are trying to get into shape, I know for me, seeing lots of skinny people it’s intimidating, but that’s my issue, not theirs! I would love for healthies that show people of all shapes and sizes, preferabley with clothes on! What makes a good selfie/healthie without annoying people?

1. Make sure you aren’t taking up gym space taking a photo. – Yep. The amount of people I’ve seen in the gym who just spend 20 minutes trying to get the right pose, and are putting people off their workouts, or even taking up the space for someone to get their workout done. No-one has time for that, just so you can get your best angle.

2. Caught someone else naked, oops. Really. Make sure you’re not getting someone who’s semi-naked in the changing room. It’s called a changing room for a reason, I’m sure they don’t want to be caught out in the nude in the background of your photo.

3. Naked-ness. Do you really need to be naked to prove you’ve done your workout?

This post has been pretty opinionated, I get that. I think selfies are getting a bad rep, and are seen as only skinny people can take them. If you have selfies of people who are not already super fit, I’ve loved to see them and be inspired! :D

Media City Manchester!

Finally, after 4 hours I’m in Manchester! After a pretty long train ride, which was pretty stressful, and a painfully slow tram ride, I’m at MediaCity! Right across the river from the Coronation Street set, and the Imperial War Museum. I even walked past the set of The Voice!


I actually forgot my camera, so I’m pretty annoyed at myself for that, It’s an amazing place and my camera on my phone doesn’t really do it justice.

Awesome location, lovely view, great room service, TV, Internet access so I can watch Netflix while updating my blog. :D Sons of Anarchy at the minute, S1E6. (I know, I’m behind on watching it too!)

I’m here for training, held by the Production Guild! Exciting to say the least. Now, I should possibly get an early night before I fall asleep. Zzzzz.

Weight-Loss Journey.

Things I have learnt on my weight loss journey. Note: I am NOT a doctor, this is just what I have gone through in my weight loss experience. The world of weight loss can seem a little bit daunting, calories, sodium content, fatty acids, portion control, you have to eat this, and eat that, you can’t eat after 7pm or you’ll get fat, all these strange things you’ve heard about weight loss – It can get confusing to say the least! So, this is what I have learned and I hope these basic things might help other people on making changes to their diet and lifestyle.

1. Water, Water, Water!
Feeling sluggish and out of energy, just want to sleep all the time. I didn’t realise that it was due to not drinking enough water. As soon as I increased my intake, I felt so much better, my skin felt and looked better. Now, there are even apps to remind you of when you need to drink some water if you need a little more help getting your 8 glasses a day! Hot water and lemon – Yum! Herbal teas, juice are a good way of increasing your water intake, for people who get bored of the taste of water.

2. Cola/The Fizzy Stuff

I used to drink so much fizzy stuff everyday and not really think about it – I’d go through a 6 pack of cola at least! Now I drink tea, water and on the occasional outing fizzy drinks. I know kicking the sugar habit is really big step for people. I felt awful the first few days, lack of energy, irritable, and just not in a good mood. I just went cold turkey and got rid of it out of the house and in all honesty, I didn’t even miss it after a few days. In the UK, a 500ml bottle of Coca-Cola 210 calories, 53g of sugar! It does not seem worth it in all honesty. (

3. Vegetables & Fruit

Yes! They’re good for you and yummy! If you don’t like a fruit or vegetable then don’t eat it – Goji berries, don’t really like them (expensive here too), but shoved them down my throat because of the ‘superfood’ properties. Ick! – why did I just waste a bunch of calories on that! It’s just not worth it. I love mushrooms, spinach, purple broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, raspberries, cauliflower, strawberries, cherries, apples, bananas. Do I eat 100% healthy all the time? No, but I’ve found a good balance. Find the foods that YOU like to eat. You might actually find that you like more of them than you think.

4. Exercise

The gym – the place of full length mirrors, shiny lights, scary meatheads, cardio bunnies, and all the in between. The gym can be a terrifying place for a lot of people, the scary looks and the machines that you have no idea what to do with and look like something out of Star Trek. I’ve seen so many people just jump on the treadmill/elliptical/*insert other machine name here* for hours at a time, looking miserable and tired! Now I’m not saying that this goes for all people, but find something that you like to do. Personally, I like Pilates and Strength Training, many might not. Kickboxing, badminton, tennis, football, dance class, karate, basketball, walking, jogging, hiking, yoga – the list is endless. If you find something that you love then it won’t feel like work!

5. Portion Control

This is a pretty big one. Before I used to ‘eye-ball’ my food. I’d grate some cheese and go ‘Uhh, that looks about 20g’. Nope, weighed it, it was 55g! This is one where people go wrong a lot of the time, myself included! ‘I’m eating my calories, and I’m not losing weight! Help!’ If you know exactly how many calories you’re eating then you have to weigh/measure out your food. Pre-packaged food can come in a big help here. I get a whole bag of nuts, and make them into little snack packs with the calories on them, it’s a time saver and better than grabbing a packet of crisps. (Sometimes though, I just want the crisps)

6. Not all fats are created equal

This might sound like a bit of a strange one. When people say diet, they seem to run away from fats and high calorie foods. I know I did the same, everything in my house was fat free/diet foods. Most of the time they’re full of sugar and other nasties to make up for the lack of fat. Nuts, a high calorie and fat item, but full of vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein! Fat are great for making you feel full and let’s face it, it tastes food. The fats found in nuts are said to be the heart healthy kind. Avocados, olive oil and nut butters are other high calorie/fat foods that are amazing for you, just make sure to portion them out otherwise you could manage to eat over 100g’s worth of nuts. (Trust me, I’ve done this) or 3 tbsp’s worth of olive oil. Another tip would be to go for raw/natural nuts, or dry roasted. Excess oil that the nuts have been cooked in and salt add unnecessary calories and sodium content. Again, if you don’t like nuts/have allergies, then don’t eat it!

7. Being Social

Social eating and going out seems to be a big obstacle when it comes to people who are making a lifestyle change. You are not going to ruin your progress in one day. You shouldn’t have to work this hard to shut yourself away from social gatherings and seeing friends and family (Which most of the time revolve around food based activities). Go for it, have fun and don’t worry!

These are just some of the more basic things I have learnt throughout my journey, and it has helped me to lose over 20lbs. I feel more energized, my skin looks great and isn’t dry/cracked/oily/blemishes/dull anywhere near as much as it used to be. I enjoy cooking and have actually become a pretty decent cook and it’s more satisfying to create your own meals and snacks, and I have found loads more foods that I like too. I hope that anyone who’s actually reading this has found this a little bit helpful, I would have loved for someone to give me a bit more advice when I started this journey and I don’t think that it would have been so hard for me. I’m also coming near the end of the Blogilates 12 Week Body Makeover and I can really see a difference and I feel awesome!

So, have a great day and kick butt!

I’d love to hear other people’s weight loss stories & advice! :) Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think!

Dexter Season 8 Finale!


Dexter (Copyright Showtime)

I finally got around to watching Showtime’s Dexter. After the first episode I was hooked! For those of you who don’t know Dexter focuses around a blood pattern analyst for Miami Metro, who is also a psychopathic serial killer. Dexter is based on the character created by Jeff Lindsay. Has anyone else noticed that Showtime always have the best credit scene intros for their TV shows? Anywho, Dexter has an all-star cast and is full of clever plots and twists! – 8 Seasons, 96 episodes, multiple kills and some A-List guest stars. It has to be one of the best TV shows that I’ve seen in a long while, that isn’t mindless and predictable.

Now, what to do after I’ve finally watched all 8 Seasons of Dexter?